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Text- With Ruth and Charque

Seeking the meaning behind all things.
Bringing the Spiritual and Physical experience together.
Life does not exist separate from it mystical roots.

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In this class of "Living Mysticism" we focus on the four M's of Metaphysics, Meditation, Mirrors and Messages.We select a metaphysical theme around which, loosely put, the other parts rotate. Meditation is self-explanatory. Mirrors involve our much advocated practice of knowing that your world reflects you and your mind. Messages, wherever they come from, help both the understanding of your world and yourself/Self, as well as helping to focus the practice of meditation. To that end, bring whatever cards or oracles you wish to use, or use some of ours.


Dec. 3rd 2013: The Big Ship Sails Down The Alley-Alle​y-O

Nov. 5th 2013: The Slippery Slope of Perspective

Oct. 29th 2013: Learning to Tortoise instead of Hare through Life.

Oct. 22nd 2013: Finding Your Directions.

Oct 15th 2013: Managing your Interior Worlds.

Oct. 8th 2013: Falling

Oct. 1st 2013: Joy

Sept 24th 2013: Living In the Present.

Sept 10th 2013: Can You Overdose on Free Will?

Sept 03rd 2013: Animals and Archetypes

Aug 27th 2013: Understanding the Law

Aug 20th 2013: Moving past Judgement

Aug 1st 2013: Nature and the God-Force.

July 25th 2013: The Presence

July 18th 2013: What is Strength?

July 11th 2013: The Divided Mind. (Also: Polarities and The Windshield Wiper Syndrome.)

July 4th 2013: Holidays and Holy Days (And No Class!)

June 27th 2013: No Class This Week. Going with the Flow.

June 20th 2013: No Class This Week. Gasland 2 Instead

June 13th 2013: Will You, Won't You, Will You, Won't You, Will You Join the Dance?

June 6th 2013: The Cosmic Dance Of Harmony and Disharmony

May 30th 2013: Waking Up

May 23rd 2013: Interdependence

May 16th 2013: Working With Intuition

May 9th 2013: Perception and Perspective

May 2nd 2013: Physical and Metaphysical

Apr 25th 2013: The Will to Express

Apr 18th 2013: The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune.

Apr 11th 2013: Repair of the Soul.

A​pr 4th 2013: ​The Lessons of the Unavoidabl​e.

M​ar 28th 2013: Adju​sting the Sails.

Mar. 21st 2013: "Deciding How to Decide": A Practice in Using I Ching.

M​ar. 14th ​2013: Time as the Means of Making Actual what is Potential.

Mar. 7th 2013: Out of the Everywhere into the Here.

F​eb. 28th 2013: Taking up Ownership.

F​eb. 21st 2013: Me and It, or Hermit versus Hierphant.

F​eb. 14th 2013: The Ground of Your Being and Your Own Personal Name of God.

F​eb. 7th 2013: What is Strength?

Jan. 31​st 2013: Existence and its Shadow, or the Fundam​entalists'​
"God and the Devil".

Jan. 24​th 2013: Knowing Versus Nurture.

Jan. 17 2013: "Crying for a Vision".

Jan. 10​th 2013: The Shadow of the Unconsciou​s.

Jan. 3rd 2013: The Intelligen​t Universe.

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